A 2 Z of Northern Soul
The A to Z Of Northern Soul

Again this one's here to be added to so if you have any memories of Northern Soul, past and/or present, not yet included on this list then e-mail them to me and I'll do my best to include them asap.
Try and keep the style the same (i.e. Artist - Title) in order to help the cutter and paster:]
Anything with numbers is listed as spoken.

A Case Of Time - Manifesto
Adams Apples - Don't Take It Out On This World
Adams Apples - You Are The One I Love
A.C. Reed - My Baby's Been Cheating (I Know)
Ad Libs - New York In The Dark
Andre Brasseur - The Kid
Al Kent - Ooh Pretty Lady
Al Kent - The Way You Been Acting Lately
Al Kent - You Gotta Pay The Price
Al Scott - What Happened To Yesterday
Al Williams - I Am Nothing
Al Wilson - The Snake
Alexander Patton - A Little Loving Sometimes
Alfie Davison - Love Is A Serious Business
Alfreda Brockington - Spilt Milk
All Night Workers - All Your Eggs In One Basket
Allen Sisters - I'm Out With The Downtown Crowd
Angie Stone - Wish I Didn't Miss You
Anita Humes & Essex - What Did I Do
Ann Sexton - I Still Love You
Ann Sexton - You've Been Gone Too Long
April Stevens - Wanting You
Archie Bell and the Drells - Here I Go Again
Arin Demain - Silent Treatment
Arthur Freeman - You Got Me Uptight
Artistics - Sweeter Than Sugar
August & Deneen - We Go Together
Azie Mortimer - You Can't Take It Away
B J Thomas - I Don't Have A Mind Of My Own
Baja Marimba Band - Along Comes Mary
Barbara Lewis - Someday We're Gonna Love Again
Barbara Lewis - I Remember The Feeling
Barbara Lewis - Stars
Barbara Lynn - Take Your Love And Run
Barbara Lynn - Movin' On A Groove
Barbara Lynn - This Is The Thanks I Get
Barbara McNair - Your Gonna Love My Baby
Barbara Mercer - Hey
Barbara Mercer - My Dear Heart
Barbara Mills - Queen Of Fools
Barry Benson - Stay A Little While
Barry St John - Everything I Touch Turns To Tears
Belita Woods - Grounded
Bell Boys - I Don't Want To Lose You Now
Ben Aitken - Satisfied
Ben E King - I Can't Break The News
Ben E. King - The Record
Ben Zine - Village Of Tears
Benny Latimore - I Got News For You
Benny Latimore - Girl I've Got News For You
Benny Latimore - Have A Little
Benny Spellman - This Is To You My Love
Bernie Williams - Ever Again
Bernie Williams - Needless To Say
Betty Boo - Say It Isn't So
Betty Everett - Getting Mighty Crowded
Betty Everett - Bye Bye Baby
Betty O'Brien - She'll Be Gone
Betty Swan - Make Me Yours
Betty Swann - Lonely Love
Betty Turner - Be Careful Girl
Betty Turner - Be Careful Girl
Beverley Ann - You've Got Your Mind On Other Things
Big Daddy Rogers - I'm A Big Man
Big Dee Irwin - I Only Get This Feeling
Big Maybelle - It's Quittin' Time
Big Maybelle - I Can't Wait No Longer
Bill & Lorraine - Let Me Be Your Full Time Groover
Bill Brandon - Whatever I Am I'm Yours
Bill Cosby - Little Old Man
Bill Harris - Am I Cold Am I Hot
Bill Purcell - Heartbeat
Billy Arnell - Tough Girl
Billy Arnell & The Sparkles - Tough Girl (inst)
Billy Butler - Right Track
Billy Hambric - She Said Goodbye
Billy Harner - Irresistible You
Billy Joe Royal - Hearts Desire
Billy Kennedy - If I Was A Kid
Billy Prophet - What Can I Do
Billy Watkins - The Iceman
Billy Woods - Let Me Make You Happy
Blanche Carter - Halos Are For Angels
Bob & Fred - I'll Be On My Way
Bob & Fred Strings - I'll Be On My Way (inst)
Bob Brady - More, More, More Of Your Love
Bob Kuban - The Cheater
Bob Relf - Blowing My Mind To Pieces
Bob Relf - My Little Girl
Bobbie Smith - Walk On Into My Life
Bobby Diamond - Stop
Bobby Freeman - Shadow Of Your Love
Bobby Garrett - I Can't Get Away
Bobby Goldsboro - She Chased Me
Bobby Goldsboro - It's Too Late
Bobby Goldsboro - Too Many People
Bobby Hebb - Love Love Love
Bobby Hebb - You Want To Change Me
Bobby Hutton - Lend A Hand
Bobby McClure - You Got Me Baby
Bobby Paris - I Walked Away
Bobby Paris - Per-so-nally
Bobby Paris - Night Owl
Bobby Reed - If I Don't Love You
Bobby Womak - Find Me Somebody
Brenda Holloway - My World Is Crumbling
Brenda Holloway - Think It Over
Brenda Holloway - Just Look What You Have Done
Brenda Holloway - All Your Love
Brenda Holloway - Crying Time (inst)
Brenda Holloway - Crying Time
Brooks Brothers - Looking For A Woman
Bud Harper - Wherever You Were
Bud Harper - Let Me Love You
Buddy Ace - It's Gonna Be Me
Buddy Smith - When You Loose The One You Love
Bunny Sigler - Let The Good Times Roll
Bunny Sigler - Girl Don't Make Me Wait
Bunny Sigler - Follow Your Heart
Buster & Eddie - Can't Be Still
Cajun Hart - Gotta Find A Way
Cal Tjaeder - Soul Source
Camaros - We're Not Too Young
Candi Staton - Now You've Got The Upper Hand
Capreez - How To Make A Sad Man Glad
Carl Douglas - Serving A Sentence Of Life
Carl Douglas - Marble And Iron
Carl Spencer - Cover Girl
Carla Thomas - I'll Never Stop Loving You
Carol & Gerri - On You Heartaches Look Good
Carolines - You're My Baby
Carolines - Can't Stop Loving The Boy
Carolyn Crawford - Forget About Me
Carolyn Crawford - I'll Come Running
Carolyn Crawford - Until You Came Along
Carstairs - It Really Hurts Me Girl
Cavaliers - Hold To My Baby
Cecil Washington - I Don't Like To Lose
Chalfontes - He Loves Me
Chapter 5 - You Can't Mean It
Charades - Key To My Happiness
Charles Mann - It's All Over
Charles Sheffield - It's Your Voodoo Working
Charles Wright - Keep Saying (You Don't Love Nobody)
Charlie Gracie - He'll Never Love You Like I Do
Chaumonts - I Need Your Love
Checkerboard Squares - Double Cookin’
Cheryl Ann - I Can't Let Him Go
Chi Chi - If You're Gonna Love Me
Chris Clark - Love's Gone Bad
Chris Serf - Sweet Music
Christine Cooper - Heartaches Away My Boy
Christy Allen - Walk Tall Like A Man
Chubby Checker - You Just Don't Know
Chubby Checker - Cum-a-la-be-stay
Chuck Bernard - Every Hurt Makes You Stronger
Chuck Jackson - Girls, Girls, Girls
Chuck Jackson - Good Things Come To Those Who Wait
Chuck Jackson - Hand It Over
Chuck Jackson - I've Got To be Strong
Chuck Jackson - I Only Get This Feeling
Chuck Jackson - These Chains Of Love
Chuck Jackson - Take Off Your Makeup
Chuck Wood - Sven Days Too Long
Chuck Wright - Palm Of Your Hand
Cindy Scott - World Of Happiness
Cindy Scott - Time Can Change A Love
Cindy Scott - I Love You Baby
Cindy Scott - In Your Spare Time
Clara Ward - The Right Direction
Clifford Curry - Ain't No Danger
Clifford Curry - I Can't Get A Hold Of Myself
Clydene Jackson - I Need Your Love
Clydie King - 'Bout Love
Clydie King - He Always Comes Back To Me
Clydie King - My Love Goes Deeper
Cobblestone - Trick Me Treat Me
COD's - I'm A Good Guy
Cody Black - I'm Slowly Molding
Cody Michaels - 7 Days 52 Weeks
Connie Clarke - My Sugar Baby
Construction - Hey Little Way Out Girl
Contours - Baby Hit And Run
Contours - Can't Stop This Feeling
Contours - Just A Little Misunderstanding
Contenders - Do What You Gotta Do
Cooperettes - Shing A Ling
Cortez Greer - Very Strong On You
Crampton Sisters - Baby Baby
Curtis Blandon - In The Long Run
Dalton Boys - I've Been Cheated
Dana Valery - You Don't Know Where Your Interest Lies
Danny Wagner - I Lost A True Love
Danny Wagner - This Thing Called Love
Danny White - Cracked Up Over You
Danny Williams - Whose Little Girl Are You
Darrell Banks - Angel Baby (Don't You Ever Leave Me)
Darrell Banks - Our Love Is In The Pocket
Darrell Banks - Somebody Somewhere (needs you)
Darrow Fletcher - Changing By The Minute
Darrow Fletcher - What Good Am I Without You
David & The Giants - Superlove
David And The Giants - Ten Miles High
David Coleman - Drown My Heart
Dean Courtney - (Love)You Just Can't Walk Away
Dean Courtney - I'll Always Need You
Dean Parish - I'm On My Way
Dean Parrish - Tell Her
Debbie Dean - Why Am I Loving You
Debonairs - Loving You Takes All Of My Time
Dee Clark - That's My Girl
Dee Dee Sharp - I'll Do Anything
Dee Dee Warwick - You Don't Know
Del Capris - Hey Little Girl
Del Tours - Sweet And Lovely
Delacardos - I Know I'm Not Much
Delites - Lover
Delores Clark - Livin' To Please
Dena Barnes - If You Ever Walked Out Of My Life
Denise Lasalle - Do Me Right
Denita James - I Have Feelings Too
Derek & Ray - Interplay
Derek Martin - Breakaway
Derek Martin - Sly Girl
Detroit Executives - Cool Off
Detroit Soul - All Of My Life
DeVonns - Someone To Treat Me Like You Used To
Diane Lewis - You Ain't Got A Chance
Diane Newby - What You're Putting Me Through
Dickie Wonder - Nobody Knows
Didi Noel - Let The Music Play
Diplomats - Can't Get You Of My Mind
Dobie Gray - Out On The Floor
Dobie Gray - The In Crowd
Dodie West - In The Deep Of The Night
Don Covay - It's Better To Have
Don Gardner - Cheatin' Kind
Don Gardner - My Baby Likes To Boogaloo
Don Ray - Born A Loser
Don Ray Sampson - Baby Come Back
Don Thomas - Come On Train
Don Varner - Mr Big Shot
Don Varner - When It's Over
Donald Lee Richards - Got Me In The Palm O' Your Hand
Doni Burdick - Whatcha Gonna Do
Doni Burdick - Candle
Donnie Elbert - A Little Piece Of Leather
Donna Coleman - Your Love's Too Strong
Donna King - Take Me Home
Donna Loren - Just A Little Girl
Donna Lynn - Don't You Dare
Dorie Williams - Your Turn To Cry
Doris Troy - I'll Do Anything
Doris Willingham - You Can't Do That
Dottie & Millie - Nothing In This World
Dottie Cambridge - Cry Your Eyes Out
Doug Banks - I Just Kept On Dancing
Dream Team - I'm Not Satisfied
Duke Browner - Crying Over You
Dusty Springfield - What's It Gonna Be
Dutch Robinson - Can't Get Along
Dynamites - Don't Leave Me This Way
Earl Grant - Hide Nor Hair
Earl Jackson - Soul Self Satisfaction
Ebonys - Do You Like The Way I Love You
Ed Crook - That's Alright
Eddie Day - Guess Who Loves You
Eddie Foster - I Never Knew
Eddie Hill - You Got The Best Of Me
Eddie Holman - She's Wanted In 3 States
Eddie Holman - I'll Surrender
Eddie Holman - Hurt
Eddie Parker - Love You Baby
Eddie Regan - Playing Hide & Seek
Eddie Wood - Why Did You Call
Eddy Jacobs - Tired Of Being Lonely
Edward Hamilton - Baby Don't You Weep
Edwin Starr - Agent Double O Soul
Edwin Starr - Back Street
Edwin Starr - Harlem
Edwin Starr - My Weakness Is You
Edwin Starr - Stop Her On Sight (S.O.S.)
Edwin Starr & Blinky - We'll Find A Way
Ellie Greenwich - Baby
Ellingtons - (I'm Not) Destined To Become A Loser
Elliott Small - I'm A Devil
Eloise Laws - Love Factory
Emanons Orchestra - Birdwalking
Embers - Watch Out Girl
Empires - You're On Top Girl
Epitome Of Sound - You Don't Love Me
Ernie Andrews - Fine Young Girl
Ernie Lucas - What Would I Do
Eskew Reeder - Undivided Love
Etta James - Mellow Fellow
Etta James - Seven Day Fool
Eula Cooper - Let Our Love Grow Higher
Exsaveyons - I Don't Love You No More
Falcons - I'm A Fool I Must Love You
Falcons - I Can't Help It
Fantastic Four - Can't Stop Looking For My Baby
Fantastic Johnny C - Don't Depend On Me
Fantastic Johnny C - New Love
Fascinations - Girls Are Out To Get You
Festivals - Music
First Choice - This Is The House (where love died)
Flame N' King & The Bold Ones - Ho Happy Day
Flaming Embers - Let's Have A Love In
Flaming Emeralds - Have Some Everbody
Florence Devore - Kiss Me Now Don't Kiss Me Later
Fluffy Falana - My Little Cottage
Fontella Bass - Recovery
Fontella Bass - I Can't Rest
Forest Hairston - We Go To Pieces
4 J's - Love My Love
Four Larks - I Still Love You
Four Vandells - The Wrong Side Of Town
Francis Nero - Keep On Loving Me
Frank Dell - He Broke Your Game Wide Open
Frank Lyndon - Don't Go Away Baby
Frank Polk - Love Is Dangerous
Frank Wilson - Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)
Frank Wilson - My Sugar Baby
Frankie & The Classicals - What Shall I Do
Frankie Beverly & The Butlers - If That's What You Wanted
Frankie (Loveman) Crocker - Ton Of Dynamite
Frankie And Johnnie - I'll Hold You
Frankie Beverley - Because Of My Heart
Frankie Valli - The Night
Frankie Valli - You Ready Now
Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons - I'm Gonna Change
Fred Hughes - Oo Baby I Love You
Freddie Chavez - They'll Never Know Why
Freddie Houston - Chills & Fever
Freddie Houston - If I Had Known
French Fries - Danse A La Musique
Garnet Mimms - Looking For You
Gary Haines - Keep On Going
Gems - I'll Be There
Gene Anderson - Baby I Dig You
Gene Burkes - You Got It
Gene Chandler - There Was A Time
Gene Chandler - I Hate To Be The One To Say
Gene McDaniels - Walk With A Winner
Gene Stridel - Tomorrow Is Another Day
Gene Toones - What More Do You Want
Gene Woodbury - Ever Again
General Assembly - Sensitive Mind
George Carrow - Angel Baby
George Carrow - Bring Back My Heart
George Hughley - That's Why I Cry
George Jackson - I Don't Have Time
George Kirby - What Can I Do
George Tindley - It's All Over But The Shouting
George Wydell - Funny Feeling
Gerri Grainger - I Go To Pieces (Evertime)
Gerri Thomas - Look What I Got
Gia Mateo - If You Can't Say Anything Nice
Gladys Knight - Just Walk In My Shoes
Gloria Edwards - My Love Is Getting Stronger
Gloria Jones - Come Go With Me
Gloria Jones - Heartbeat
Gloria Jones - Tainted Love
Gloria Parker - The Best Thing For You Baby
Glories - I Stand Accused
Gloria Walker - Them Changes
Gordon Keith - Look Ahead
Gospel Classics - More Love That's What We Need
Graham Bonney - Supergirl
Greater Experience - Don't Forget To Remember
Greg Perry - It Takes Heart
Groovers - Bashful Guy
Gwen Owens - Just Say Your Wanted & Needed
Halos - Do I
Harvey Avern - Think It Over
HB Barnum - Heartbreaker
Helen Shapiro - Stop And You Will Become Aware
Herb Fame - From The Shadows To The Sun
Herb Ward - Strange Change
Herbert Hunter - I Was Born To Love You
Herbert Hunter - Love Has Taken Over Me
Herbert Hunter - Push Away From The Table
Hoagy Lands - Friends And Lovers
Hoagy Lands - The Next In Line
Holland & Dozier - On The Avenue In The Neighbourhood
Holly St James - That's Not Love
Howard Guyton - I Watched You Slowly Sip Away
Howard Tate - Baby I Love You
Human Beinz - Nobody But Me
Hytones - You Don't Even Know My Name
Ideals - Mighty Lover
Idle Few - People That's Why
Ike & Tina Turner - A Fool In Love
Incredibles - There's Nothing Else To Say
Inez & Charlie Foxx - Tightrope
Irma & The Fascinators - You Need Love
Isley Brothers - I Guess I'll Always Love You
Isley Brothers - Why When The Love Is Gone
J. D. Bryant - I won't Be Coming Back
Jackie Edwards - I Feel So Bad
Jack Montgomery - Dearly Beloved
Jack Montgomery - Do You Believe It
Jackie Beavers - I Need My Baby
Jackie Burns & The Belles - I Do The Best I Can
Jackie Day - Naughty Boy
Jackie Day - Before It's Too Late
Jackie DeShannon - Find Me Love
Jackie Edwards - Come On Home
Jackie Lee - Darkest Days
Jackie Lee - Oh My Darlin'
Jackie Lee - The Duck
Jackie Ross - Trust In Me
Jackie Trent - You Baby
Jackie Wilson - Because Of You
Jackie Wilson - I've Lost You
Jackie Wilson - Sweetest Feeling
Jackie Wilson - The Who Who Song
Jackie Wilson - My Heart Is Calling
Jackie Wilson - What You Gonna Do?
Jades - I'm Where It's At
James Bounty - Prove Yourself A Lady
James & Bobby Purify - Shake A Tail Feather
James Carr - That's What I Want To Know
James Carr - Stronger Than Love
James Coit - Black Power
James Dockery - My Faith In You Is All Gone
James Duncan - Mr Goodtime
James Fountain - Seven Day Lover
Jamo Thomas - I Spy For The FBI
Jan Bradley - Back In Circulation
Janie Grant - My Heart Your Heart
Jay And The Techniques - Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie
Jay And The Techniques - Keep The Ball Rollin'
Jay Traynor - Up And Over
Jaywalkers - Can't Live Without You
Jean Carter - Like One
Jean Catile - Let Me In
Jean Wells - The Best Thing For You Baby
Jeanette Harper - Pick Me Up & Put Me In Your Pocket
Jeanette Williams - All Of A Sudden
Jelly Beans - You Don't Mean Me No Good
Jerry Butler - Moody Woman
Jerry Cook - I Hurt On The Other Side
Jerry Fuller - Double Life
Jerry Jackson - It's Rough Out There
Jerry Williams - If You Ask Me
Jesse Johnson - Left Out
Jessie Boone & The Astros - Got To Love You
Jewels - We Got Togetherness
Jill Harris - Baby, Baby, Baby
Jim Gilstrap - Run Run Run
Jimmie & The Entertainers - New Girl
Jimmy Bo Horne - I Just Can't Speak
Jimmy Burns - I Really Love You
Jimmy Cliff - Waterfall
Jimmy Conwell - Cigarette Ashes
Jimmy Frazier - Of Hopes And Dreams And Tombstones
Jimmy Gresham - This Feeling I Have
Jimmy Mack - My World Is On Fire
Jimmy Phillips - She Belongs To Me
Jimmy Radcliffe - Long After Tonight Is All Over
Jimmy Ruffin - I Gotta Let You Go
Jimmy Ruffin - He Who Picks A Rose
Jimmy Smiley - Girl I Love You
Jimmy Thomas - Where There's A Will
Jimmy Wallace - I'll Be Back
Jimmy Washburn - Into Your Heart
Jive 5 - You Gotta Feel It
JJ Barnes - Our Love Is In The Pocket
JJ Barnes - Please Let Me In
JJ Barnes - Say It
JJ Barnes - Sweet Sherry
Jnr. Walker - I Ain't Going Nowhere
Joan Moody - We Must Be Doing Something Right
Joanne Courcey - I Got The Power
Joannie Sommers - Don't Pity Me
Jobelle & Orchestra DeSalsa - Never Gonna Let You Go
Jock Mitchell - Not A Chance In A Million
Joe Buckman - Right Now
Joe Graves - Debbie
Joe Simon - I Got A Whole Lot Of Loving
Joe Simon - The Girl Is Alright With Me
Joe Simon - Whole Lot Of Lovin'
Joe Tex - Close The Door
Joe Tex - I've Got To Be Free
Joey Dee & The Starlighters - How Can I Forget
Joey DeLorenzo - Wake Up To The Sunshine
Joey Heatherton - When You Call Me Baby
Joey Scarbury - Midnight Mail
John & The Weirdest - Can't Get Over These Memories
John Andrews - It's Just Love
John Bowie - You're Gonna Miss A Good Thing
John Drevars Expression - The Closer She Gets
John E Paul - I Wanna Know
John Leach - Put That Woman Down
Johnny Bartel - If This Isn't Love
Johnny Darrow - Love Is A Nightmare
Johnny Caswell - You Don't Love Me Anymore
Johnny Gilliam - Room Full Of Tears
Johnny Guitar Watson - Big Bad Wolf
Johnny Hampton - Not My Girl
Johnny Hendley - My Baby Came From Out Of Nowhere
Johnny Honeycut - I'm Coming Over
Johnny James - Tell You About My Girl
Johnny Mae Matthews - Here Comes My Baby
Johnny Moore - Walk Like A Man
Johnny Rodgers - Make A Change
Johnny Vanelli - Seven Days Of Loving You
Johnny Wyatt - This Thing Called Love
Jokers - Soul Sound
Joseph Moore - I Still Can't Get You
Joy Lovejoy - In Orbit
Juanita Williams - Baby Boy
Judy Street - What
Julian Covey & The Machine - A Little Bit Hurt
Karmello Brooks - Tell Me Baby
Kell Osborne - You Can't Outsmart A Woman
Kell Osborne - Small Things
Kelly Brothers - Love Time
Kelly Garrett - Love Is The only Answer
Kenni Smith - Lord What's Happening To Your People
Kenny Bernard - What Love Brings
Kenny Gamble & The Romeos - Ain't It Baby
Kenny Lewis - Not The Marrying Kind
Kenny Sheppard - What Difference Does It Make
Kiki Dee - Magic Carpet Ride
Kim Weston - I'm Still Loving You
Kindly Shepherds - Lend Me Your Hand
Kittens - Hey Operator
Kris Peterson - Just As Much
Kurt Harris - Emperor Of My Baby's Heart
Lainie Hill - Time Marches On
Larry Allen - Can't We Talk It Over
Larry Atkins - Lighten Up
Larry Clinton - She's Wanted In 3 States
Larry Laster - Go For Yourself
Larry Santos - You Got Me Where You Want Me
Larry Trider - Carbon Copy
Larry Williams & Johnny Watson - A Quitter Never Wins
Lashell & The Shellettes - You Better Check Your Heart
Laura Green - Moonlight Music And You
Laura Greene - I Can't Help Loving Dat Man
Laura Lee - To Win Your Heart
Laverne Baker - Wrapped Tied And Tangled
Lee Charles - If That Ain't Lovin' You
Lee David - Temptation Is Calling My Name
Lee Roye - Tears
Len Barry - You Baby
Len Barry - It's A Crying Shame
Lenny Gamble - I'll Do Anything
Leon Haywood - Baby Reconsider
Les Chansonettes - Don't Let Him Hurt You
Leslie Uggams - Love Is A Good Foundation
Leslie Uggams - Don't You Even Care
Lester Tipton - This Won't Change
Lewis Sisters - Don't Make Me Live Without Your Love
Lillie Bryant - Meet Me Halfway
Linda Griner - Goodbye Cruel Love
Linda Jones - My Heart Needs A Break
Linda Lloyd - Breakaway
Little Ann - Who Are You Trying To Fool
Little Anthony And The Imperials - Better Use Your Head
Little Anthony And The Imperials - Gonna Fix You Good
Little Bobby Parker - I Won't Believe It Till I See It
Little Carl Carlton - Competition Ain't Nothing
Little Jewel - I Want To
Little Joe Roman - When You're Lonesome
Little Johnny Blair - Momma's Gone
Little Milton - Sometimey
Little Richard - I Don't Want To Discuss It
Little Ritchie - Just Another Heartache
Living Color - Thank The Lord For Love
Liz Verdi - Think It Over
Lorraine Chandler - What Can I Do
Lorraine Chandler - I Can't Hold On
Lorraine Silver - Lost Summer Love
Los Canarios - Get On Your Knees
Lou Courtney - Trying To Find My Woman
Lou Pride - I'm Comin' Home In The Mornin'
Lou Ragland - I Travel Alone
Lou Roberts - You Fooled Me
Lou Roberts - Ten To One
Lou Roberts - Everything You Always Wanted To Know
Lynn Varnardo - Wash & Wear Love
Lynne Randell - Stranger In My Arms
Madeline Bell - Picture Me Gone
Major Harris - Call Me Tomorrow
Major Lance - You Don't Want Me No More
Major Lance - Investigate
Major Lance - Ain't No Soul Left In These Old Shoes
Mamie Galore - It Ain't Necessary
Margaret Mandolph - Something Beautiful
Margaret Whiting - Nothing Lasts Forever
Marie Knight - That's No Way To Treat A Girl
Marsha Gee - Baby I Need You
Martha & The Vandellas - I'm Ready For Love
Martha Reeves - One Way Out
Martha Star - No Part Time Love For Me
Martinels - I Don't Care
Marv Johnson - I Miss You Baby
Marva Josie - Later For You Baby
Marvelettes - Reaching For Something I Can't Have
Marvellows - Your Little Sister
Marvin Gaye - Lucky Lucky Me
Marvin Gaye - Little Darlin'
Marvin Gaye - Hanging On
Mary Love - You Turned My Bitter Into Sweet
Mary Saenz - Would She Do That For You
Mary Saxton - Take My Heart It's Yours If You Want It
Masqueraders - The Same Thing
Matthew Barnett - If Your Love Is Real
Maurice Williams - Being Without You
Maxine Brown - Let Me Give You My Lovin
Mayfield Singers - Don't Stop None
Mel & Tim - Backfield In Motion
Mel Britt - She'll Come Running Back
Mel Torme - Comin' Home Baby
Mel Williams - Can It Be Me
Melba Moore (Video) - Magic Touch
Melvin Davis - Find A Quiet Place
Melvin Davis - I Must Love You
Merlyn - Promise
Michael And Raymond - Man Without A Woman
Mickey Lee Lane - Hey-Sah -Lo-Ney
Mickey Moonshine - Name It You Got It
Mike Post Coalition - Afternoon Of The Rhino
Mike & Ray - If Only You Knew
Mikki Farrow - Set My Heart At Ease
Mill Evans - Ain't You Glad
Mill Evans - Why Why Why
Millie Jackson - My Man A Sweet Man
Millionaires - Never For Me
Milton Wright - I Belong To You
Minnie Jones & The Minuettes - Shadow Of A Memory
Miracles - Whole Lot Of Shakin' In My Heart
Miss DD Phillips - Hey Little Girl
Mistura (feat. Lloyd Michels) - The Flasher
Mitch Rider - Breakout
Moments - You Said
Monitors - Don't Put Off Till Tomorrow
Montereys & Grandeurs - Come Home To Me
Morris Chestnut - Too Darn' Soulful
Moses Smith - The Girl Across The Street
Motown Session Band - Do I Love You
Motown Session Band - Sweet Thing
Mousie And The Traps - How About You
Mr Day - Soul On Wax
Mr Soul - What Happened To Yesterday
Muriel Day - Nine Times Out Of Ten
Nabay - Believe It Or Not
Nancy Ames - I Don't Want To Talk About It
Nancy Wilson - The End Of Our Love
Nancy Wilson - Uptight
Nate Evans - This Time With Feeling
New Wanderers - This Man In Love
Newby & Johnson - Swet Happiness
NF Porter - Keep On Keeping On
Nitedreamers - Later For You
Nightwatch - Lips To Your Heart
Nolan Porter - If I Could Only Be Sure
Nooney Rickett - Tomorrow Is A Brand New Day
O.C. Smith - Double Life
Ollie Jackson - Just A Little While
Otis Blackwell - It's All Over Me
Otis Redding - Lovin' By The Pound
Outsiders - Respectable
Pal Rakes & The Prophets - I Can't Deny The Hurt
Pal Rakes - That Was Then
Pamela Beatty - Talking Eyes
Pageants - I'm A Victim
Paramounts - Till I Met You
Paris - Sleepless Night
Parliaments - Look At What I Almost Missed
Pat Lewis - It'll Never Be Over For Me
Pat Lewis - Let's Go Together
Patrice Holloway - Love & Desire
Patrice Holloway - Stolen Hours
Patrinell Staten - Little Love Affair
Patti Austin - Music To My Heart
Patti Austin - Take Away The Pain Stain
Patti Austin - You're Too Much A Part Of Me
Patti Austin - Only All The Time
Patti Austin - Leave A Little Love
Paul Anka - I Can't Help Loving You
Paul Anka - When We Get There
Paul Sindab - Do Watcha Wanna Do
Paul Smith - Ain't That Something
Paula Durante - You're Not My Kind
Paula Durante - If He Were Mine
Paula Parfit - Love Is Wonderful
Percy Wiggins - It Didn't Take Much
Percy Wiggins - That's Loving You
Pets - I Say Yeh
Phil Flowers - Where Did I Go Wrong
Philip Mitchell - The World Needs More People
Pointer Sisters - Send Him Back
Pookie Hudson - This Gets To Me
Porgy And The Monarchs - My Heart Cries For You
Porgy And The Monarchs - That Girl
Posse - Evil
PP Arnold - Everything's Gonna Be Alright
Prince And Princess - Stick Together
Prince Philip Mitchell - I'm So Happy
Protojays - You Counterfeit Girl
R Dean Taylor - Ghost In My House
Rain (featuring Charity Brown) - Out Of My Mind
Ralph Graham - She Just Sits There
Randolph Brown - It Ain't Like It Used To Be
Ray Charles - Something Inside
Ray Godfrey - Come & Get These Memories
Ray Pollard - This Time
Ray Whitely - I've Been Hurt
Reatha Reese - Only Lies
Reflections - Like Adam And Eve
Reggie Garner - Hotline
Reperata & The Delrons - Panic
Retta Hughes - I Cried Myself To Sleep
Rex Garvin - Sock It To 'Em JB
Richard (Popcorn) Wylie - Rosemary (What Happened)
Richard Temple - That Beatin Rythm
Richie Adams - I Can't Escape From You
Righteous Brothers Band - Rat Race
Ringleaders - Baby What Has Happened To Our Love
Rita And The Tiaras - Gone With The Wind
Rita Dacosta - Don't Bring Me Down
Robbie Forston - Are You For Real
Robbie Lawson - Burning Sensation
Robert Neal - I'm So Glad
Rocky Robert & The Airedales - Just Because Of You
Roger Collins - You Sexy Sugar Plumb
Roger Collins - She's Looking Good
Roger Pace - The Minute My Back
Ron Holden - I'll Forgive & Forget
Ronnie & Robin - As Long As You Love Me
Ronnie Forte - That Was Whisky Talkin'
Ronnie McNeir - Sitting In My Class
Ronnie Milsap - Aint No Soul
Ronnie Walker - You're The One
Rosalind Madison - Neighbourhood Girl
Rose Batiste - I Miss My Baby
Roy Hamilton - Cracking Up Over You
Roy Hamilton - There She Is
Roy Hamilton -
Royal Five - Say It To My Face
Rozetta Johnson - Mine Was Real
Rubin - You've Been Away
Rubin Parker - Youv'e Been Gone
Rufus Lumley - I'm Standing
Rufus Lumley - Stronger Than Me
Sam & Kitty - I've Got Something Good
Sam Fletcher - I'd Think It Over Twice
Sam Moultrie - I'll Always Love You
Sam Ward - Sister Lee
Sam Williams - Love Slipped Through My Fingers
Sammy Ambrose - Welcome To Dreamsville
San Remo Strings - Festival Time
Sandy Hadley - Since I Found A Love
Saxie Russell - Psychadelic Soul
7 Dwarfs - Stop Girl
Shadows - My Love Is Gone
Shamettes - Don't Waste Your Time
Shane Martin - I Need You
Sharon Scott - Could It Be You
Sharpets - Lost In A World Of A Dream
Shawn Robinson - My Dear Heart
Sheila Anthony - Living In Love
Shirelles - March
Shirley Ellis - Soul Time
Shirley J Scott - Goose Pimples
Shirley Matthews - My Sugar Baby
Shirley Wahls - That's How Long I'm Gonna Love You
Sidney Barnes - Standing On Solid Ground
Silky Hargreaves - Keep Loving Me
Sissie Houston - Don't Come Running To Me
Sissie Houston - Bring Him Back
Sister Sledge - Love Don't Got Through No Changes
Sonatas - Going Down The Road
Sonny Fishback - Heart Breaking Man
Sons Of Moses - Soul Symphony
Soul City - Everbody Dance Now
Soul Communicators - Lonely Nights
Soul Generation - Hold On
Soulmates - Too Late
Sound Of Soul - Hey Girl I Still Love Him
Spellbinders - We're Acting Like Lovers
Spellbinders - Self Defence
Spookie And Sue - I've Got The Need
Spyder Turner - I Can't Make It Anymore
Squires - Don't Accuse Me
Stanley Mitchell - Get It Baby
Stemmons Express - Woman,Lover,Thief
Sterling Magee - Keep On
Steve Karmen (feat. Jimmy Radcliffe) - Breakaway
Stevie Wonder - Ain't That Asking For Trouble
Stevie Wonder - Love A Go Go
Stevie Wonder - Contract On Love
Sue Lynn - Don't Pity Me
Superiors - What Would I Do
Supremes - Just A Little Misunderstanding
Supremes - Love Train
Supremes - Wake Me Shake Me
Susan Coleman - The Age Of The Wolf
Susan Farrar - The Big Hurt
Sweet Things - I'm In A World Of Trouble
Sweethearts - Beauty Is Just Skin Deep
Sylvia Shemwell - He'll Come Back
Syng McGowan - That's What I Want
Taj Mahal - Ain't That A Lot Of Love
Tamala Lewis - You Won't Say Nothing
Tamiko Jones - Spellbound
Tammy St John - Nobody Knows What's Going On
Tangeers - Let Your Heart And Soul Be Free
Tangeers - What's The Use Of Me Trying
Tears - Good Luck My Love
Teddy Vann Orchestra - Coloured Man
Tempos - Countdown Here I Come
The Ad Libs - Think Of Me
The Adorables - Ooh Boy
The Ambers - Potion Of Love
The Anglos - Since You've Been Gone
The Apollos - Mr Creator
The Appreciations - I Can't Hide It
The Attractions - That Girl Is Mine
The Attractions - You Don't Know Boy
The Bobbettes - Happy Go Lucky Me
The Broadways - You Just Don't Know
The Buckinghams - Don't You Care
The Burning Bush - Keeps On Burning
The Casualeers - Dance, Dance, Dance
The Casinos - I Still Love You
The Charmaines - Eternally
The Contenders - Do What You Got To Do
The Delfonics - You'll Get Enough
The Drifters - Baby What I Mean
The Ellusions - You Didn't Have To Leave
The Entertainers - Love In My Heart
The Esquires - Dancin' A Hole In The World
The Ethics - Look At Me Now
The Exciters - Reaching For The Best
The Fabulettes - The Bigger They Are
The Fascinations - Girls Are Out To Get You
The Fawns - Nothing But Love Can Save Me
The Fi-Dels - Try A Little Harder
The Five Stairsteps & Cubie - Stay Close To Me
The Flamingos - Boogaloo Party
The Flirtations - Little Darling
The Flirtations - Stronger Than Her Love
The Formations - At The Top Of The Stairs
The Foundations - Stoney Ground
The Foundations - Back On My Feet Again
The Four Larks - Groovin' t The Go Go
The Four Perfections - I'm Not Strong Enough
The Gaylettes - Heartaches I Can't Take
The Glories - I Worship You Baby
The Group (feat. Cecil Washington) - I Don't Like To Lose
The Impressions - Can't Satisfy
The Inspirations - No One Can Take Your Place
The Inspirations - Your Wish Is My Command
The Inspirations - I Can Feel It
The Intros - Stop,Look,Listen
The Invitations - Skiing In The Snow
The Invitations - What's Wrong With Me Baby
The Ivories - Please Stay
The Jades - I'm Where It's At
The Lovelites - Get It Off My Concience
The Magnetics - Lady In Green
The Magnetics - When I'm With My Baby
The Magnetics - Heart Of Stone
The Magnificents - There Can Be A Better Way
The Majestics - I Love Her So Much It Hurts
The Mayfield Players - Don't Start None
The Millionaires - Never For Me
The Montanas - I'm Gonna Change
The Moods - Rainmaker
The MVP'S - Turning My Heartbeat Up
The Mylestones - The Joker
The Newbeats - Don't Turn Me Loose
The O-Jays - Hold On
The O-Jay's - I DIg Your Act
The Orientals - Soul Ain't You Thrilled
The Originals - Suspicion
The Orlons - I Aint Coming Back
The Outsiders - Lost In My World
The Outsiders - Time Won't Let Me
The Outsiders - Lonely Man
The Ovations - They Say
The Paramounts - Come Go With Me
The Parliaments - Don't Be Sore At Me
The Patrick Bradley - Just One More Chance (inst)
The Performers - Set Me Free
The Persianettes - Call On Me
The Phonetics featuring Willie Hutch - Just A Boys Dream
The Platters - Devri
The Platters - Not My Girl
The Poets - She Blew A Good Thing
The Poets - Wrapped Around Your Finger
The Poppies - There's A Pain In My Heart
The Poppies - He's Got Real Love
The Poppies - Do It With Soul
The Precisions - Such Misery
The Professionals - That's Why I Love You
The Rainbow People - Living In A Dream World
The Relatives - I'm Looking For A Love
The Righteous Brothers - It's Up To You
The Salvadors - Stick By Me Baby
The Sapphires - Gotta Have Your Love
The Sapphires - Gonna Be A Big Thing
The Sequins - Try My Love
The Sequins - He's A Flirt
The Servicemen - Sweet Magic
The 7th Avenue Aviators - You Should O' Held On
The Sheppards - Stubborn Heart
The Sherrys - Put Your Arms Around Me
The Shirelles - Last Minute Miracle
The Showmen - Our Love Will Grow
The Silhouettes - Not Me Baby
The Soul Notes - How Long Will It Last
The Spellbinders - Help Me
The Spinners - I'll Always Love You
The Spinners - Sweet Thing
The Steinways - My Heart's Not In It Anymore
The Superlatives - I Still Love You
The Temptations - Law Of The Land
The Temptations - Angel Doll
The Three Degrees - Contact
The Tomangoes - I Really Love You
The Triumphs - I'm Coming To Your Rescue
The Tymes - What Would I Do
The Uniques featuring Joe Stampley - Not Too Long Ago
The Unifics - Which One Should I Choose
The Velours - I'm Gonna Change
The Vibrations - Cause' Your Mine
The Vibrations - Surprise Party For My Baby
The Victors - Hurt
The Voices Of East Harlem - Cashing In
The Volcanos - Help Wanted
The Volcanos - Storm Warning
The Volcanos - The Laws Of Love
The Vondells - Hey Girl You've Changed
The Vows - Tell Me
The Younghearts - A Little Togetherness
Thee Midnighters - You're Gonna Make Me Cry
Thelma Houston - Baby Mine
Theresa Lindsey - Gotta Find A Way
3rd Time Around - Soon Everything's Gonna Be Alright
Tim Tam & The Turnons - Wait A Minute
Timi Yuro - It Will Never Be Over For Me
Timothy Wilson - Love Is Like An Itching In My Heart
Tobi Legend - Time Will Pass You By
Toby Lark - Steal Your Heart
Tojo - Broken Hearted Lover
Tomangoes - I Really Love You
Tommy Neal - Going To A Happening
Tommy Ridgley - Love Getting Stronger
Tommy Sands - The Statue
Tommy Sears - Get Out
Toni Basil - Breakaway
Tony & Tyrone - Please Operator
Tony Galla - In Love
Tony Hestor - Watch Yourself
Tony Middleton - Paris Blues
Tony Middleton - To The Ends Of The Earth
Total Eclipse - You Took Our Heart
Trade Martin - She Put The Hurt On Me
Traditions - My Life With You
Tribulations - You Gave Me Up
Troy Keyes - If I Had My Way
Truetones - He's Got The Nerve
Turley Richards - I Feel Alright
Twans - I Can't See Him Again
Ty Karim - You Really Made It
Tyn Tymes - Baby I Love You
Val McKenna - Love Feeling
Vala Regan And The Valarons - Fireman
Valentines - Breakaway
Van Morrison - Domino
Vel - I Gotta Find Me Somebody
Velvellettes - These Things Will Keep Me Loving You
Velvet Satins - Nothing Can Compare To You
Venecia Wilson - This Time I'm Loving You
Verdelle Smith - If You Can't Say Anything Nice
Vernon Garrett - If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time
Vernon Greene - Look At Me, Look At Me
Vickie Baines - Country Girl
Vince Apollo - I Bear Witness
Viola Wills - Together Forever
Virginia Blakely - Let Nobody Love You
Virginia Wolves - Stay
Wade Flemons - Jeanette
Wakefield Sun - Tryped On Love
Walter Jackson - Where Have All The Flowers Gone
Walter Jackson - The Walls That Separate Us
Wayne Fontana - Something Keeps Calling Me Back
Wendy Renee - Bar B Que
Wilbur Walton Jnr - 24 Hours Of Loneliness
William Powell - Heartache Souvenirs
Willie Hatcher - Good Things Come To Those Who Wait
Willie Hutch - Love Runs Out
Willie Kendricks - Change Your Ways
Willie Mitchell - The Champion
Willie Parker - I Live The Life I Love
Willie Pickett - On The Stage Of Life
Witches & The Warlock - Behind Locked Doors
Wombat - I'm Gettin' On Life
World Column - So Is The Sun
Wynder K Frogg - Green Door
Yvonne Baker - You Didn't Say A Word
Yvonne Daniels - I Don't Want To Get Away From You
Yvonne Vernee - It's Been A Long Time
ZZ Hill - No More Doggin'
ZZ Hill - Baby I'm Sorry
Last updated Nov. 2002